Welcome to the new home of Dove Family Services.

Welcome | Dove Family ServicesOff the bat you will notice that Dove Services has expanded to include “Family” because that is our main focus. We aim to help families in two ways: co-parenting classes and Rule 31 Mediation services.

While the family function and composition will be different through divorce it’s vitally important to understand and buy-in to the fact that for kids “family” means the same. Mom will always be mom. Dad will always be dad. They are made up of two parts that cannot be split. Things will achieve a new normal if conflict is eliminated quickly.

With this in mind, our comprehensive offering of education to reduce the anguish for children is important for us to convey. It’s not their fault for the domestic issues causing an upheaval of everything familiar to them. Our classes will help provide techniques to keep them at the center of all decisions. Details regarding our classes can be found here. We can help you meet the minimum compliance with Tennessee Law or if you are court ordered for longer training.

If decisions become marred then our extensive experience with Rule 31 Mediation and broad network of professionals can help get things unstuck. Plain and simple perpetuated conflict has a negative impact on everyone but MOSTLY the kids. Keep them at the center of all decisions and you’ll quickly realize healing for all parties. More about our mediation services can be found here.

Divorce is a painful process without a doubt. The exploration of forgiveness is imperative for parents to become highly effective co-parents. There are plenty of examples so for your kids sake strive to become the next success story.

Again, welcome to our new home. Should you be unfortunate to be in a domestic dispute then we look forward to serving you.